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When it comes to Rated XJ activities, there is absolutely no shortage of fun things to do when you have an XJ Cherokee.  From camping on the beach to hiking the tallest peaks, an XJ Cherokee will get you there no matter where you live and play.  Here we will explore some of those options and some tools to help with the trip.

Navigation:  I once had a teacher who told me, “In order to get where you are going, you have to know where you are.”  This holds true even in today’s technical world.  Many of us still use maps, or we might use our android phone with google maps to know where we are.  Some newer vehicles come with a navigation device installed and you pay for a subscription.  XJ Cherokees didn’t come with a navigation package, and while Mopar offers an option for Navigation with a subscription, it’s an expensive option.  Here is a tool we think is better for your money.  Floureon makes a 7 inch GPS Navigator with free lifetime updates on maps for Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.  You can receive driver alerts and have turn by turn directions from this unit.  Best of all it only costs around $55.  This unit will definitely tell you where you are and get you where you are going.

Camping:  Many of our outdoor trips last more than a day, or even the weekend.  What do you do when there isn’t a lodge or a cabin nearby?  You make camp.  Some of us have a very nice light camp trailer to sleep in.  If you don’t have one and would like to, Camplite makes trailers under the 4000-5000 lb towing ability of the XJ Cherokee.  The Camplite CL11FK which is their smallest design in a full travel trailer is just under 3000 gross vehicle weight when fully loaded.  Camplite also makes tent trailers and toy haulers that the XJ Cherokee can pull.

Don’t forget about good old fashioned roughing it.  We wrote about Maximizing the Space in Your XJ Cherokee a couple of posts ago.  Well when you are going out for the weekend and have to make camp, you have to bring something along to sleep under and on.  There are a lot of brands and styles of tents to go camping with.  Our favorite is the Gazelle Pop Up Canopy Tent.  The hassle with most tents is the set up and storage.  With this tent, set up and tear down takes just a few minutes and is easy.  The tent will sleep 4 with plenty of room and will most certainly keep you dry at night.  As for what to sleep on?  The Ivation Premium Comfort Inflatable Mattress is the best way to sleep in comfort and off the cold and damp ground.

Those two items alone make for a big comfortable space outdoors but when packed only take up a few cubic feet of space.  This allows you to bring a lot of creature comforts along with you.  Sleeping bags, outdoor showers, outdoor toilets, coolers, cooking utensils and of course the items to eat and drink.

Fishing:  From the pacific coast to the rocky mountain streams and lakes all the way to the rivers and harbors of the east coast or the lakes of Minnesota and Wisconsin to the Gulf of Mexico, XJ Cherokee owners everywhere love to go fishing.  With an XJ, you have the option to pull a boat up to about 5000 pounds with all your gear and trailer weight when it is rightly equipped.  Aluminum boats, inflatables, canoes and kayaks can be held on the racks above the XJ Cherokee.  A host of fishing equipment options can be stored in the rear compartment.  Fishing pole holders can be attached on the inside of the XJ to keep them from getting damaged.  The way I see it, XJ is the most versatile fishing vehicle known to man.

Hiking  Hiking is a past time for many people all over the world.  We love to get out, see nature and all of its beauty.  The views, the exercise, just us and the rugged trail.  Whether it is a state park in Arizona or fern lined trail in Canada, XJ owners everywhere will get out and seize the day.  Getting into some off the grid places is well within your grasp when you have the XJ Cherokee transporting you.  Rough terrain, mud, sand or snow and ice can all be conquered to get you where you are going.  The size of the XJ lends itself to narrow roads and trails.  Tire, wheel and suspension packages allow you to get over and around rough terrain.  The available power and off road capability will get you through the wet and slippery surfaces.  There is no shortage of places to see and hike when you own an XJ Cherokee.

Hunting:  I like to hunt elk.  I live in Arizona and all of my trips are around Flagstaff.  I have a Ram 1500 that does the heavy lifting when it comes to bringing gear to camp and staying warm.  When the season opens and it is time to begin the hunt, I need to be off road and in the backwoods.  The XJ Cherokee gets me there.  I can go deeper into places with the XJ than I can with the Ram and it gets me closer to the elk that I am looking for.  Properly equipped with 4 wheel drive, a winch, coolers and my hunting gear no elk is out of reach during the season.  In rugged country, snow and mud to go along with narrow trails through the pines the XJ just goes where many vehicles can’t and that saves me a lot of walking, stalking and work when I do put one down.  Trust me when I say our XJ is an awesome hunting vehicle!

Playing Other Sports:  I am a lot older, playing most sports like I use to has slowed down for me.  I can still swing a golf club if I want but now days I spend my days off doing these other Rated XJ activities we talked about earlier in this article.  Many of you however still get out and play.  Whether it is golf, bowling, tennis, football or basketball you have the ability to carry you, your teammates and your gear in the XJ Cherokee.  Whether you are just spending a day at the gym or Rock Climbing, stowing your gear in the rear compartment and taking up to four other passengers is possible in the XJ.

Summary:  I have only listed a few of the Rated XJ activities you can do with your XJ Cherokee.  Most of you are already doing these and many more that I haven’t written about in this post.  If you have comments on these or other Rated XJ activities, post them below, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for taking the time with us,

Harvey Danger

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